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Pros Favoring Velasquez Heading Into “UFC On Fox 1″

When it was initially announced that Cain Velasquez would make the first defense of his heavyweight belt against Junior dos Santos, the early betting lines favored dos Santos to win, as the memory of his thrashing of Shane Carwin was still fresh in everyone’s mind. With time though, public opinion in general shifted in Velasquez’s favor, with the majority of pundits, fans and fighters alike picking Velasquez to beat dos Santos.

FightHubTV’s Marcos Villegas recently polled a few California-stationed MMA fighters over who they see going home with the belt tomorrow night and their opinions reflected that majority.

Mark Muñoz: “Keys to victory, Cain Velasquez: he’s got fast hands. He’s got to utilize the hands and mix in his takedowns, take Junior dos Santos to the ground, he’ll win the fight. Junior dos Santos has got to keep the fight on his feet, land his uppercut, land his hook, land his right hand, he’ll do some damage to Cain. If it stays on the feet, I’ll go with Junior dos Santos. If it goes to the ground, I’ll go with Cain Velasquez.”

Tito Ortiz: “I love Cain, I hope he gives dos Santos an ass whippin’. I think dos Santos is a good guy, but his wrestling skills ain’t even at the level of Cain. Cain’s the world champ, being another Latino fighter and being another world champ, I wanna see him bee successful and do what he does best, that’s kick ass.”

Fabricio Werdum: “If Cain executes his game of striking from the top and mixing it with takedowns and is on top, Velasquez wins. But if Junior lands a shot, a knockout shot, Junior wins for sure. If Cain sticks to his game, he has a very good game, he wins. I would like Junior to win though, I would like to fight him again. I would want to have the belt so I can fight him for the title. That would be my biggest goal: a rematch for the belt with Junior. That would be perfect.”

Krzysztof Soszynski: “I’m going to go with the champ, with Cain. I think just his overall wrestling skills and his clinch game, his striking game on the inside are gonna win the fight. That’s my prediction, I think Cain will continue on holding on to the title.”

Check out the full video below.