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UFC Reinstates Brittney Palmer As Octagon Girl

Listen. Can you hear that? It’s the sound of thousands of drooling fanboys across the world high-fiving and celebrating a hard-fought victory: Brittney Palmer has been brought back into the fold as one of the UFC’s regular Octagon girls.

Though she’s famous for being very pretty, Palmer is an aspiring artist who parted way with the UFC following UFC 132 last July to attend art school and explore that avenue more thoroughly. Due to intense demand by fans, however, UFC president Dana White recently opened the door for her return.

“Should we bring back @BrittneyPalmer ? Vote now and let me know!!!!” wrote the UFC boss on his official Twitter account.

It didn’t take long for White to return with the results, revealing that Palmer would soon be an Octagon girl once again thanks to the overwhelmingly positive response from his Twitter followers.

“Done!!!! The votes have been counted and @BrittneyPalmer is back!” he posted.

Check out MMAFighting’s video of the Octagon girls frolicking on Bondi Beach in Australia back at UFC 127 to get reacquainted with Ms. Palmer.