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“The Ultimate Fighter 14″ Episode Eight Recap

Welcome to FightLine’s weekly recap of The Ultimate Fighter 14. We’ll be back each week with a breakdown of the episode and a play-by-play of the fights.

Episode 8

The show opens with the fighters breaking down the new cliques in the house, with friction developing between them immediately. Akira decides to teach Bryan Caraway a lesson for taking a long time to do his hair, so he shaves a strip of Caraway’s head while he’s sleeping. Caraway doesn’t think it’s funny at all, he chases Akira down and promises payback.

Mayhem rides his bike to practice after hearing that Tiki is planning to pull an over-the-top stunt on his car. Sure enough, Team Bisping shows up during training ready to distract Team Mayhem with some elaborate prank. Tiki and Bisping poke into the Team Mayhem locker room and talk trash to divert them, buying enough time for the rest of Team Bisping to unleash hell. They bust into the locker room spraying fire extinguishers, fogging the hallways. A mariachi band files into the clouded hall, adding to the confusion, everyone coughing all the while. Miller attacks Tiki and Bisping, and someone’s truck, with a fire extinguisher himself, but it’s hollow revenge. He gives up the slow clap for Tiki’s prank skills, but most of Team Mayhem is pissed about it, worried about the effect of the fire extinguisher gas on their lungs and stuff.

Don’t worry! Bisping assures that they used non-toxic fire extinguishers. Safety first, kids.

Johnny Bedford is pretty annoyed by all the pranks, but everyone else distracts themselves by clowning on Dennis Bermudez for his perceived lack of intelligence.

Bisping enters the gym tentatively, wary of pranks, only to be squirted in the face from behind a closed door. He kicks said door, damaging it, but it was just Akira. Bisping works with Akira on defending from his back, having him run shark drills from that position with rotating partners. We learn more about Akira: he’s from Sweden, where they had to fight for respect.

Bisping gets a nasty jockstrap shoved in his mouth by Marcus Brimage, so he beats up Akira for it. After a spell, and with Brimage nowhere to be seen, Bisping shoves the jockstrap in Akira’s mouth. All in good fun!

And it carries on to the house, of course. Bisping shows up to the house at night and calls a team meeting outside to announce a special guest coach. Once there, Bisping sprays everyone with silly string!

Mayhem gets Bermudez training with Siyar Bahadurzada, who trains with Akira frequently and offers him some valuable insight toward the fight. Bermudez also works very hard on transitioning between striking and his strength, wrestling.

Time for the weigh-ins. Akira tips the scale at 146lbs., and Bermudez at 146lbs., making this one official. Dana White thinks Akira bit off more than he can chew in calling out Bermudez.

Akira Corassani vs. Dennis Bermudez

Round 1: Both men try to hold the center; Akira gets the edge early, clipping Bermudez several times and sending him scrambling. Bermudez presses Akira into the fence, but Akira fights free. After a brief bit of ineffectual striking, Bermudez clsoes the gap and presses Akira into the fence. Bermudez lands a nice right hand ont he break. Akira gets in some good shots that prompt Bermudez to dive for a takedown he doesn’t get. Bermudez gets clipped hard, but hangs in there and keeps fighting. Akira nails Bermudez with a left hook that rocks him, but Bermudez is still able to dump him to the mat dramatically and slap on the guillotine against the fence. He has to fight for it, but Akira taps, and it’s clear this time.

Dennis Bermudez defeated Akira Corassani via submission in round 1

Akira gets up, clearly out of it and takes the loss poorly once informed of it. Bermudez admits he got rocked, but he fought through it because of what a fortune cookie said. Akira promises to return after drinking at least one beer.

That’s it for this week, the current team standings are below.

Team Bisping

Bantamweights: Louis Gaudinot, TJ Dillashaw*, John Albert, Josh Ferguson

Featherweights: Diego Brandao*, Akira Corassani, Marcus Brimage, Stephen Bass

Team Miller

Bantamweights: John Dodson*, Johnny Bedford*, Dustin Pague*, Roland Delorme

Featherweights: Dennis Bermudez**, Bryan Caraway*, Dustin Neace, Steven Siler

*Fighter has moved on to the semi-finals.

**Fighter has secured a spot in the finals.