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Rashad Evans Believes Anderson Silva Would Defeat Jon Jones

Rashad Evans, while talking at UFC 138’s Fight Club Q&A, was asked his opinion on a possible Anderson Silva-Jon Jones mega-fight. Evans, who is a former training partner with Jones, was split on what might go down.

“Honestly, I think…I would say Anderson would win,” said Evans (thanks to “I think he would catch Jon standing up. I think he would catch (Jones) doing something stupid. If the fight was to go a little bit longer, and Jon used his wrestling, then I think the fight might go to Jon. But, for the most part, early on in the fight, Anderson would catch Jon trying to do something crazy.”

Evans has twice had title shots with Jones postponed due to injuries. The former UFC light heavyweight champion is currently rehabbing a hand injury. Evans and Jones have been locked in a verbal battle since the beginning of 2011, with “Suga” leaving Greg Jackson’s MMA camp for a new one in Florida.