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Video: Leben Vs. Muñoz Fight Video Highlights

Powerhouse middleweights Mark Muñoz and Chris Leben squared off last night in the main event of the UFC 138 fight card. The two bruisers battled it out over two rounds and, though Leben fought back every second and withstood an almost inhuman amount of punishment, it was Muñoz who walked away the victor.

Muñoz showed guts in duking it out with Leben on the feet, hanging in the pocket with the heavy-handed brawler and taking shots as well as he was giving them. Both men experienced moments of success while standing, it wasn’t until Muñoz forced the fight to the mat that things got hairy for Leben. Every chance he got, Muñoz rained down vicious punches on a squirming Leben, one of which opened a nasty gash over his left eye. As his vision decreased, the beating just got worse for Leben, who eventually called it quits on the stool in between the second and third round, being completely unable to see from his left eye.

The victory may not grant Muñoz his wish of getting in the cage with UFC middleweight champ Anderson Silva immediately, but it certainly puts him square in the discussion over title contention. Check out highlights of the fight below, courtesy ESPN.