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UFC 138: Chris Leben Vs. Mark Muñoz

The following is from our live coverage of UFC 138: Leben vs. Munoz. To access our full coverage, click here.

Marc Goddard is the referee for the night’s main event in the middleweight division.

Round 1: They take to the center and both men test their range. Munoz ducks a right hand by Leben and puts The Crippler on the mat. Leben threatens briefly with a guillotine but Munoz defends and works to half guard. Munoz unleashes a few vicious punches to the body before Leben fights to his feet. Munoz keeps Leben on the fence, alternately working dirty boxing and trying for the takedown. Munoz trips him briefly and lands two right hands before Leben lands a takedown and winds up on two big right hands. Munoz hops to his feet quickly, but Leben is pressuring him on the fence, landing some hard punches. Munoz turns Leben into the cage. Munoz tries for a knee against the cage and Leben catches it, dumping him to the mat. Munoz pops right back up and Leben slaps on the guillotine, dropping to the mat with it. Munoz defends easily and now works from half guard. Munoz unleashing some mean punches from top position. Leben tries to fight to his feet, but Munoz is just wrecking him with hard punches. Munoz is denied on a takedown attempt and Leben threatens with the choke. Munoz fights free and they go back at it on the feet. Munoz slips on a takedown and Leben hits him with hammerfists.

Round 2: Breathing heavily, Leben makes his way to the center of the cage. Munoz is loosening up, but Leben backs him straight up into the fence behind some punches. Munoz turns him and takes him down. Munoz working ground and pound to the body. Munoz breaks Lebens guard and starts to posture up, throwing down bombs. He opens up a big cut over Leben’s left eye. Leben gets to his feet, but not for long, as Munoz plants him back on the mat. Munoz in half guard, throwing right hands. Leben’s face is a mess. Munoz moves out to the side as Leben tries to get up and fires off a series of hard right hands. Leben still gets up and manages to slap on a choke, bringing Munoz to the mat. Goddard stops it to have the doctor look at Leben’s battered left eye. Leben says he can see and they let the fight go on. Leben fires off several straight punches that prompt Munoz to drop for the takedown. He doesn’t get it, but he scrambles around and takes Leben’s back, then mount. Munoz firing off hellacious punches while mounted on Leben. The round is winding down and both men are trading punches, Leben with his back on the cage.

Leben says that he can’t see out of his left eye on the stool, prompting his corner to wave off the fight.

Mark Muñoz defeated Chris Leben via TKO (corner’s stoppage) at the end of round 2