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UFC 138: Thiago Alves Vs. Papy Abedi

The following is from our live coverage of UFC 138: Leben vs. Munoz. To access our full coverage, click here.

Dan Miragliotta will ref this welterweight contest.

Round 1: Abedi crawls out; Alves is keeping his hands up high and blasting Abedi with leg kicks. Abedi is throwing with power, but Alves is defending. Alves continually firing off leg kicks. Abedi throws a front kick and lands a few nice punches,followed by a hard elbow after pressing Alves into the fence. Alves fights free from the cage and Abedi gets in his face with a one-two-leg kick. Alves lands a nice body kick. Alves flicks out a high kick, but Abedi blocks it and continues pressing forward. Akves getting touched by some of Abedi’s straight shots, though he’s keeping his eyes open and countering. Abedi presses him into the cage briefly but Alves fights free. Alves clips Abedi with a tight left hook and starts to swarm him, following him to the mat behind a volley of punches. Alves takes mount and starts to eviscerate Abedi with punches and hard elbows. Abedi gives up his back and Alves sinks the choke, cranking it hard and forcing the tap.

Thiago Alves defeated Papy Abedi via submission (rear naked choke) at 3:32 of round 1