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UFC 138: Cyrille Diabate Vs. Anthony Perosh

The following is from our live coverage of UFC 138: Leben vs. Munoz. To access our full coverage, click here.

Marc Goddard is the third man in the cage for this light heavyweight tilt.

Round 1: Diabate comes out and takes the center, feinting and stalking Perosh. Diabate using his range, moving forward with long punches and keeping Perosh on the run. Perosh is denied on more than one takedown and can’t get anywhere near tagging Diabate when he throws punches. He lands a nice right hand though when Diabate closes the gap. The action slows until Perosh dives for a takedown, which is denied. Diabate sticks Perosh several times before denying a takedown and following Perosh down, taking top position. Diabate lands some nice punches from the top, but Perosh kicks him off. On their feet, Perosh absorbs more shots, including a nasty kick to the body. Perosh manages to get the fight to the mat, where he works half guard. Diabate doing well to defend Perosh’s offense from the top, but Perosh rides the top position until the bout.

Round 2: Diabate working his length again, hitting a good knee and sprawling out of a takedown easily. He’s tagging Perosh, but the Australian ducks under a forward-moving assault by Diabate and takes him down. Perosh working hard to improve position and he does, establishing mount. Diabate gives up his back and Perosh looks to choke him. Diabate defends but Perosh is all over. He briefly takes north-south, but moves back into mount and looks for the arm triangle. Perosh all over Diabate, landing big punches with Diabate flattened out. Perosh slaps on the rear naked and, though he tries to escape, Diabate eventually taps.

Anthony Perosh defeated Cyrille Diabate via submission (rear naked choke) at 3:09 of round 2