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Jake Ellenberger Welcomes Carlos Condit Rematch

Carlos Condit was pulled from a fight with BJ Penn to take on UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre, then St-Pierre got injured and their fight was postponed. Disappointing, sure, but Condit would still get his title shot. Right?

Not so much. Welterweight firebrand Nick Diaz called out St-Pierre after putting a beating on Penn last weekend and so incensed the champion that the normally mild-mannered French-Canadian asked UFC president Dana White for the opportunity to beat some respect into the Stockton native.

St-Pierre and Diaz are tentatively scheduled to fight on Super Bowl weekend and, maybe just to rub his face in things just a little more, Condit has been linked to the event as well, though is currently without an opponent. To heap even more misfortune onto The Natural Born Killer’s plate, it’s looking like Jake Ellenberger, whom he took a narrow and controversial decision over early on in their UFC careers, may line up to be his opponent at UFC 143.

“That fight would definitely make sense,” Ellenberger recently told of a rematch with Condit. “In his position, it’s a dangerous fight for him. Coming from a title shot to possibly a fight where if he loses, who knows what will happen. In a perfect world I would like that fight myself, but that’s up to the UFC and Carlos and we’ll see what happens. I’m preparing to fight around January or February so we’ll see what happens.”

Since losing to Condit, Ellenberger has been on a tear, having run through five straight opponents, finishing all but one of them. He most recently appeared in action against Jake Shields, starching the highly-regarded welterweight with knees and punches in the first round.