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Cesar Gracie Instructed Nick Diaz To Call Out GSP

Nick Diaz and Cesar Gracie say they meant no disrespect when they called out UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre following Diaz’ win over BJ Penn at UFC 137 this past weekend.

Gracie, while appearing on The MMA Show, told host Mauro Ranallo that UFC matchmaker Joe Silva instructed them to do just that if they wanted the fight with GSP.

“Before the fight, after the weigh-ins, we were told by Joe Silva, ‘If you guys want it, you guys call people out. That’s how the fights get done, you call’em out,’ and I wanted to make sure that Nick knew that,” said Gracie (thanks to for transcribing). “When I speak to Nick, I have to speak in ‘209ese’ and that’s the language he understands. That (Gracie telling Diaz to, ‘call that (expletive) out!’) was directed at him, I didn’t think he was going to hear it obviously. This has nothing to do with GSP, I actually like the guy.”

Regardless of what Gracie meant for St-Pierre and the world to hear, his fighter now has the UFC title shot he wants. Diaz-GSP is set to happen in February.