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“The Ultimate Fighter 14″ Episode Seven Recap

Welcome to FightLine’s weekly recap of The Ultimate Fighter 14. We’ll be back each week with a breakdown of the episode and a play-by-play of the fights.

Episode 7

This episode opens up with Roland Delorme showing his very swollen, infected right foot to his teammates. Word in the locker room is that Delorme is improving and will be okay in time to fight, but it remains to be seen. During the Team Miller training session, famed Chute Boxe coach Rafael Cordeiro hits the mat to help out the team, much to the fighters’ delight.

Team Bisping gets their own surprise at training, as former UFC light heavyweight champion Tito Ortiz accompanies coach Bisping to practice. Back at the house, some members of Team Bisping (Brandao and Corassani) decide to teach “draft-dodger” TJ Dillashaw a lesson for picking the supposed weaker opponent in Roland Delorme by taking it to him in sparring.

Sure enough, Brandao runs all over Dillashaw while grappling and Corassani turns it up during MMA training as well, drawing Dillashaw’s ire. Dillashaw carries that into a sparring session with Marcus Brimage and things shortly come to a head. Sparring halts and a shouting match ensues, with the coaches eventually getting a clearly upset Dillashaw to calm down.

Delorme gets cleared to fight by the doctor; he shows up to practice at a good weight and with instruction not to do much kicking until the fight. He says he feels sluggish, but good despite being sick for the past week and is just doing his best to shake off the rust.

Dillashaw isn’t letting any derision from his teammates get to him before the fight. Bisping believes he’s the most competent mixed martial artist on the show. Mayhem hires a construction company to block Tiki Ghosn’s truck into the parking lot with concrete interstate dividers. Upon hearing the noise of the trucks backing up, Team Bisping, led by Tiki, comes outside to see Mayhem spray painting the dividers. After finishing his work, the opposing coach takes a bow and drives off, leaving Team Bisping futilely discussing ways to free Tiki’s truck.

Time for the weigh-ins; both men make the bantamweight limit and the fight is set.

TJ Dillashaw vs. Roland Delorme

Round 1: They trade kicks to start. Dillashaw grabs one of Delorme’s legs off of a kick and briefly gets him down. Delorme fights to his feet. Dillashaw catches another kick and puts Delorme back down though, prompting coach Mayhem to instruct him to stop kicking. Dillashaw pins Delorme against the fence, taking side control. Dillashaw dropping short elbows on him. Delorme scrambles to his feet. Dillashaw tags Delorme up with a three-piece before changing levels and wrestling him to the mat. He postures up and starts to let loose with punches, but Delorme is trying his best to defend or fight back. Dillashaw repeatedly landing shots on Delorme now. Delorme scrambles to his feet again, but Dillashaw takes him back down in short order. Dillashaw applies a d’Arce choke from half guard, but Delorme fights free and to his feet again, where he lands a good right hand. Delorme puts together a few nice punches before finally stopping a takedown. He tries for a trip of his own but Dillashaw reverses and ends up on top of Delorme before the bell.

Round 2: Right off the bat, Dillashaw drops Delorme with a straight right. He celebrates victory too early though, allowing Delorme to survive, though now he’s on his back eating elbows. Delorme is doing enough to survive, but he’s getting beat down. Dillashaw goes for the rear naked choke and coaxes the tap.

TJ Dillashaw defeated Roland Delorme via submission

Dana White brings in the coaches and then the fighters one-by-one to discuss the semi-final match-ups. White then announces the semi-finals.


-TJ Dillashaw vs. Dustin Pague
-John Dodson vs. Johnny Bedford


-Akira Corassani vs. Dennis Bermudez
-Diego Brandao vs. Bryan Caraway

That’s it for this week, the current team standings are below.

Team Bisping

Bantamweights: Louis Gaudinot, TJ Dillashaw*, John Albert, Josh Ferguson

Featherweights: Diego Brandao*, Akira Corassani*, Marcus Brimage, Stephen Bass

Team Miller

Bantamweights: John Dodson*, Johnny Bedford*, Dustin Pague*, Roland Delorme

Featherweights: Dennis Bermudez*, Bryan Caraway*, Dustin Neace, Steven Siler

*Fighters with asterisks next to their names have secured their spots in the semi-final round of the tournament.