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Dana White Dreaming Of “The Ultimate Fighter” World Cup

UFC president Dana White has always said he has big dreams for the UFC and today he revealed one of them. During the UFC on Fox 1 media conference call today, White explained his plan to hold The Ultimate Fighter in different countries, eventually pitting the winners against one another in something he likens to the World Cup.

“Mixed martial arts is the new martial art. Kids are growing up taking it. It’s really spread like wildfire all over the world. There literally isn’t a country that you could point your finger to on the map that we couldn’t get a fighter from. I think we’ve done a great job finding and cultivating great talent from all these different countries,” said White of MMA’s global explosion. “I just announced last week about The Ultimate Fighter: Brazil. The amount of talent that The Ultimate Fighter Brazil is gonna create is gonna be phenomenal. If we continue to go into these different markets and do The Ultimate Fighter, it’s going to be very interesting.

“My goal is to get The Ultimate Fighter running in all these different countries at the same time. Then when you have a winner, we do like the World Cup, where each guy from each country fights each other and we end up with one winner. We’re getting closer and closer to this dream I’ve had for the last five years.”

White announced recently that TUF Brazil will air on Brazilian broadcasting giant Globo and that he’s working on how to air foreign editions of The Ultimate Fighter stateside on Fuel TV.