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Anderson Silva Not Happy With Ed Soares, “He Was Not Professional”

UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva has made it increasingly clear that he disagrees with the way his longtime manager, Ed Soares, has been handling brash challenger Chael Sonnen’s increasingly overt attempts at goading Silva into a fight.

During a recent appearance on Brazilian television show Tela Nitida (props to, Silva expressed his frustration at Soares’ getting involved with the situation at all, deeming his manager’s actions as unprofessional.

“His position was not good, was not cool, as a manager he needed to have a more professional attitude,” said Silva. “He was not professional and I don’t know why… I think it was not cool. But everyone knows what’s best, he is a grown man and he is going to deal with the backlash of what he did.”

In a statement that may not bode well for the future of their professional relationship, Silva revealed that he doesn’t have a binding contract with Soares and that his manager’s comments don’t reflect his own stance.

“First thing is that nobody can talk for me except myself,” he said. “Second is that I don’t have a contract with anybody, except with Nine9 and my sponsors, so anything can happen.”

Top UFC heavyweight contender Junior dos Santos left Soares’ stable of Brazilian superstars recently, whether Anderson Silva follows suit or not remains to be seen.