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Nick Diaz Would Love To Be A Role Model Like GSP

You read that right, adding weight to the theory that Nick Diaz is one of the most misunderstood figures in mixed martial arts, Stockton’s favorite son explained on Saturday night following his thrashing of BJ Penn that he doesn’t have anything against Georges St-Pierre. In fact, he thinks he’s a “nice guy.”

Diaz was overt (not Chael Sonnen overt, but certainly to the point) in calling out St-Pierre after his win, accusing the champ of faking injury and being scared to fight. His ploy worked, as a fired up St-Pierre reportedly begged Dana White to let him at Diaz, prompting the UFC president to shove Carlos Condit out of the way and give the next welterweight title shot to the record-breaking high-volume puncher.

But, the Californian firebrand said at the post-fight presser that he has to be the bad guy to get fights (with Dana White confirming his assertion by saying, “It worked”) and actually sees the champ as a positive role model in an envious position.

“I always want to go for the best fights, that’s why I’m always calling out Georges St-Pierre. I don’t have anything against Georges St-Pierre, I think he’s a great fighter. I think he’s a nice guy just like everybody else. He’s a great role model. I would love to be that too, if I was in that position. I just, unfortunately, have never had that opportunity or the right people behind me to push me to be that type of fighter or that type of role model or what you’d like to see.”

The UFC is looking to schedule St-Pierre vs. Diaz for Super Bowl weekend.