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Matt Mitrione Apologizes To Fans, Says He Learned A Lesson On The Big Stage

Heavyweight prospect Matt Mitrione came into his UFC 137 heavyweight fight against the seasoned Cheick Kongo carrying on his shoulders great expectations, despite being a veteran of only five pro fights. Unfortunately for the 33-year-old former pro football player, he was met with defeat for the first time in his career, losing a decision to Kongo in lackluster fashion.

Now 5-1 as a professional, Meathead took to his Twitter account to apologize to his fans for the disappointing performance and pledging to grow from the experience to come back stronger.

“I’m sorry for my performance,” he wrote. “I knew his GP was 2get me on cage. I was too careful of that. Felt he didn’t engage and stayed far from striking range.

“Just watched fight. I know what I did wrong &how 2fix it. Frustrating 2watch it. I c y fans were salty. Learned lesson on big stage.”

Mitrione had his moments and was certainly competitive against Kongo, but it was clear that he has room to grow before he should tangle with the division’s elite; the good news for Mitrione is that he has the potential to get there and that this loss hardly sets the bar in regards to how far he can climb. As long as he does as he says by moving “onwards and upwards” from here, Mitrione still has a bright, promising future in the sport.