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Cesar Gracie Thinks GSP-Diaz Will Be Biggest Fight In UFC History

Following Nick Diaz’s thorough destruction of MMA legend BJ Penn last night in Las Vegas, the mercurial Stockton native was given back his shot at UFC welterweight champ Georges St-Pierre’s belt. Diaz’s manager and trainer, Cesar Gracie, spoke with media last night (props to MMAWeekly for the video) about that fight, revealing that he thinks it will be the biggest fight in UFC history and explaining why GSP won’t be able to point-fight Diaz.

“It’s five rounds with Nick Diaz. That’s a long time to have that guy in the cage with you,” Gracie said. “Three rounds is long enough, five rounds is very tough. I know GSP is a great athlete, he’s a great black belt, but Nick Diaz is an animal. I think that’s gonna be the biggest fight in the history of the UFC, I really do.”

The champion’s run at 170lbs. has been nothing short of dominant, but he constantly takes criticism for seemingly being content not to take risks to finish his opponents, but rather play it safe and win on points. Gracie doesn’t believe that the French-Canadian will be able to employ such a strategy against the crafty Diaz.

“He’s in a spot right now that he can’t play that game for the reason that people don’t want to see that game anymore,” he said of St-Pierre. “What you guys saw tonight was two warriors fighting. The Hawaiian warrior and the Stockton guy. The people now understand that and they want to see that. So, Georges trying to play that game, A.) it’s gonna back fire on him and B.) it’s very hard to do that with Nick. He doesn’t stay down, he moves constantly and then you’re in his world with the jiu-jitsu. I believe Nick has the better jiu-jitsu of the two, no question.”

Check out the video below.