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Manager: Carlos Condit Didn’t Just Step Aside

First he was supposed to fight BJ Penn at UFC 137, then Nick Diaz flaked on his media obligations and he was boosted up to a title fight with Georges St-Pierre; that title fight was postponed when St-Pierre got injured in training and now, despite UFC president Dana White’s pledge, Carlos Condit isn’t on the docket to fight anyone.

Wait, what?

The Natural Born Killer had the rug pulled out from under him yet again last night when it was revealed that, in light of Nick Diaz’s impressive performance against BJ Penn, he would have to give up his title shot to the gritty Stockton fighter.

“Carlos Condit has agreed to step aside and get the next guy,” White said last night. “I didn’t call him up and say (you’re out). I like Carlos Condit. I respect him, and yeah. He’s getting the title shot. He’ll get the next shot at the guy, and he said he wants to fight on that card, too, so he’s going to fight on that card. It was a good conversation.”

According to Condit’s manager, Malki Kawa, his client wasn’t nearly as eager to give up the fight as White made it seem.

“Carlos Condit didn’t just step aside. GSP is choosing to fight Nick,” Kawa wrote on Twitter. “Last I checked ‘Carlos is the harder fight.’ So I guess now he’ll fight Nick. Wasn’t our choice and not happy about it, BUT it is what it is, and we’ll figure some things out. In the meantime, I’m sure Dana White is going to make it worth his while.”