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UFC 137: BJ Penn Vs. Nick Diaz

The following is from our live coverage of UFC 137: Penn vs. Diaz. To access our full coverage, click here.

In typical fashion, Diaz sneers all the way to the cage, letting the Deftones set the mood for his walk to the battleground. Penn’s standard walkout music hits the speakers and the Hawaiian warrior looks fired up walking to the cage. The two men dog each other from across the cage. Josh Rosenthal will referee the main event, they have to be held apart during the staredown.

Round 1: The crowd chants, “BJ!” Penn immediately tags Diaz with a hard straight shot. Diaz turns Penn into the cage and looks to work the body. Penn with a knee. Penn backs out and tags Diaz on the break. Penn keeping his jab in Diaz’s face. Diaz landing the right hand. A very good right ands for Diaz, Penn returns fire with a hard combo. Diaz goes to the body, working his longer range. Penn drops for the takedown and Diaz rolls him, they scramble and Penn takes Diaz’s back. Penn has one hook in, he nails Diaz with a few hard shots before Diaz rolls out. Penn still on top, Diaz controlling his left hand. Penn slipping shots in as he tries to pass Diaz’s knee. Penn backs out and Diaz fights to his feet, pressing Penn into the cage, working the single. Diaz with knees to the leg. Diaz slips into two shots to the body. They trade right hands. Penn with a feint and then a right hand. Penn showing nice head movement, countering a few of Diaz’s shots with a hard right uppercut. Diaz chases Penn and lands two left hands. Penn presses Diaz into the fence.Penn lands with two jabs and follows up with two more straight punches. Diaz with a good right and then a flow of jabs. They check shoulders at the bell.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Penn

Round 2: Both men in the center to start. Penn flicking the jab and Diaz sticks his face out. Penn comes after him and tags him several times, but eats a leg kick. Diaz presses Penn into the fence and works the body. They rade shots from the clinch, Diaz the more active. Penn backs out but eats a few straight hots. Diaz showing some wear on his face, Penn looks to be tiring. He shoots for the single leg, but Diaz defends and lands a knee. Diaz nails Penn with a combination against the fence. Diaz keeping Penn’s back on the fence, landing much more the Penn now. Penn is getting hurt, Diaz is turning it on. Penn is starting to get beat up, Diaz nailing him to the head and body. Two minutes left and Diaz drops for the takedown. Penn looks tired, Diaz is fresh as ever. He’s hurting Penn against the fence, taking his heart with an endless volley of punches to the body and head. Penn trying to fire back, but Diaz is all over him. Diaz is making a statement here, Penn is stumbling all over the cage. Penn may never have been beaten this badly. Diaz is bloodying him and taking the fight out of him.

FightLine scores the round 10-8 for Diaz

Round 3: Both men showing damage, still just feet away from each other to start the round. Penn goes to the body, but Diaz puts the pressure on him and keeps him against the fence. Penn shoots for the takedown, but Diaz avoids it and presses him back into the fence. Diaz settles back into battering Penn, forcing him to move away. Diaz keeping his jab in Penn’s face, he’s a bloody, swollen mess. Diaz is battering Penn, The Prodigy doing his best to fight back, but coming up short. Penn moving forward, lands a nice right hand. Diaz eats another right hand, a left hook. Diaz goes to the body over and over again. Diaz’s range clearly winning this fight, but Penn showing the heart of a champion in keeping to his feet and fighting back. They clinch with two minutes left. Penn pressing forward and landing shots, he misses on a takedown. Diaz bleeding as Penn lands punches. Diaz tries a body kick. Diaz lands a hard right hand and presses Diaz into the cage. Penn counters with a hard right. These two are slugging it out with a minute to go, just battering each other. Diaz puts together a string of punches and Penn returns with a right hand. Diaz chasing Penn down with punches, he throws two head kicks that are blocked. Diaz goes to the body. Penn fires back with ten seconds to go, they slug it out until the bell.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Diaz

Nick Diaz defeated BJ Penn via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-27, 29-28)

Diaz hugs Penn, shouts to Georges St-Pierre, “Bring it on motherf***er!”

“I don’t think Georges is hurt, I think Georges is scared to fight everyone right now,” says Diaz. “BJ’s the man, I always loved watching him fight.” Thanks his coaches.

A beaten down Penn, “Hats off to Nick Diaz, he’s the man. Joe, this is probably the last time that you’re gonna see me in here. I want to compete at the top and if I can’t… I’ve got a daughter and one more on the way. I don’t want to go home looking like this, I’m done.”