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Anderson Silva Says Chael Sonnen Undeserving Of Title Shot

Chael Sonnen has finally gotten a response from UFC middleweight champ Anderson Silva after all of his bluster, but he probably won’t be too happy with what The Spider had to say about it.

Speaking with Brazilian news source Globo (props to, Silva explained why he doesn’t believe Sonnen has earned another shot at the title and why, further, he thinks that the outspoken fighter should be booted from the sport entirely.

“He does not deserve to fight me,” said Silva, no doubt giving Sonnen more cause to accuse him of ducking the fight. “I didn’t get where I am by being arrogant or teasing someone. In this business, there is no room for it. The most important thing is he couldn’t beat me. He also got caught doping, which is worse.”

The long-reigning champion also asserted his belief that Sonnen has no place in mixed martial arts for his lack of “emotional control.”

“He just tarnishes the image of the sport with his provocative ways,” Silva said. “I do not think he should be in this sport because he doesn’t have any emotional control.”