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Despite Graceful Exit, Chris Lytle Admits Retirement Has Been A Struggle

Mixed martial arts veteran Chris “Lights Out” Lytle retired from MMA competition this past August after scoring another highlight reel victory over Dan Hardy, making one of the more (possibly the most) graceful exits from the sport that we’ve ever seen. The 37-year-old walked away a winner in order to focus on his family and a new career as a politician for the state of Indiana, but, as he told today, staying away from the sport has not been easy.

“I’ll be honest, when I heard St-Pierre got hurt, I was about to make a phone call, be like, ‘Anybody you’ve got for me to go in there with, I’ll do it. Just let me know.’ It’d be a week out, but that’s fine. I can take it in a week,” said Lytle, in reference to UFC welterweight champ Georges St-Pierre’s injury-forced removal from the main event of this weekend’s UFC 137. “But, I shouldn’t do that. I was very happy with my last fight, it played out perfectly and I don’t want to be one of those people that just keeps coming back. Like I said, I didn’t just on the spur of the moment decide to retire, I thought about it for awhile. I know it’s what’s best for my family and everything, so it’s what I’m gonna do. But I’m not gonna lie, it hurts.”

Check out the video, courtesy MiddleEasy’s Layzie The Savage, below to hear how Lytle is struggling with retirement, his goals in politics and his thoughts on new UFC 137 main event fighter Nick Diaz.