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GSP Eying Late January Return, Possibly At Super Bowl Show

Georges St-Pierre was forced out of his planned UFC 137 title defense against Carlos Condit earlier this week after injuring both his knee and hamstring during training. The dominant 30-year-old champion explained the injuries in detail during an interview with SportsNet.

“For the gravity of my injury, it’s called a moderate strain of my MCL. When I pulled my hamstring – my hamstring will recover faster because it’s a muscle. There are more blood vessels that circulate in a muscle than in a ligament, so it will go faster. For my ligament, they say normally it could be four to six weeks but I’m an athlete – this is for a normal person – for an athlete it goes faster,” explained St-Pierre. “Normally, I would say maybe three weeks, four weeks. Who knows? Four weeks I’ll be good to go one hundred percent to get ready to train for my next fight.”

Though the news was certainly devastating for Condit, The Natural Born Killer had his mind put to ease when he learned that GSP’s injuries weren’t bad enough to keep the French Canadian champ out of the cage for very long and that he would be able to wait on the sidelines until Rush recovers, preserving his title shot. St-Pierre told SportsNet that he could be seeing the inside of the cage again as soon as Super Bowl weekend.

“I would say maybe end of January, February probably,” he said of his timetable for return. “… Super Bowl, around this time.”