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Emotions Got Better Of GSP After Knee Injury

UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre tried to fight through the pain of a knee injury, hoping that he could will himself to being 100 percent and healthy for his UFC 137 date with Carlos Condit.

In the end, however, the pain was just too much and St-Pierre was forced to pull out of the October 29 fight. The reigning 170-pound champ is hoping to be ready to go in the early portion of 2012, mentioning a possible return in either January or February during an interview with

Outside of post-fight injuries, GSP has been able to avoid the pre-event withdraw that has been hitting UFC champions and challengers at an alarming rate. This time, with his knee acting up, St-Pierre knew he couldn’t step inside the Octagon.

“I thought I had the chance to be 100 percent the night of the fight if I trained light and conserved myself,” St-Pierre said. “But the reality was I was not able to recover. I want to fight my best when I’m at my best…I’m not going to lie, I cried yesterday.”

Despite saying he would like to be back in just a few months, St-Pierre also added, “The recovery I want to do it well, I don’t want to do it too fast. Because now I had an injury and I tried to train on it and maybe made it a little bit worse. I need a good four weeks to do my (rehab) and do it right.”

Condit will wait on the sidelines to receive his championship match. “The Natural Born Killer” is a former WEC champion and has won four straight fights.