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Chael Sonnen Doesn’t Care About Crossing The Line, He’s Trying To Pick A Fight

With UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva non-committal to a rematch, top contender Chael Sonnen has been doing everything in his power to goad The Spider into a fight — including crossing the line by bringing Silva’s wife into the mix.

Sonnen has taken flak for his remarks in that regard and, according to UFC president Dana White, drew the ire of the champion. During a recent appearance on the Chael Sonnen Show (formerly known as the Jim Rome Show), Oregon’s most outspoken statesman answered to those critics who believe he’s stepped over the boundary.

“As far as the line, I don’t care. People tell me it shouldn’t be personal, well Jim it is personal. Okay? I’m picking a fight. If he has a problem with it, come do something about it,” Sonnen said. “What does he do? He called Dana White and tattled on me. Can you believe that? He told Uncle Dana that I said that and I went too far. Well, maybe I did. Guess what? Let’s get in the Octagon — the people’s forum — and settle this. I will answer for everything I’ve ever done or said. Hit my music — when it hits those speakers I’ll make that walk. Anderson, you do the same, and we will figure this out in front of the world.”

Sonnen also revealed that the offer he made following his systematic destruction of Brian Stann at UFC 136 — that he and Silva fight a “loser-leaves-town” match, where Silva would vacate the division if he lost and Sonnen would leave the promotion for good if he dropped the fight for a second time — is now off the table in light of the fact that The Spider has yet to acknowledge it.

“That offer was good when I made it, but it’s like any offer, you know, they’ve got to expire,” he said. “Apparently, that didn’t work. I’m doing anything I can to lure him out, and yes, I would have absolutely done that. I’ll do a winner-takes-all, I’ll do any stipulation that he wants. All he needed to do was stand up and give me a thumbs up. He wanted to accept that offer, all he needed to do was nod to me, have one of his handlers come into the back and say ‘Anderson accepts.’ He did the exact opposite. He went to the media and said ‘I do not want to fight that guy.’ So, what can I do? Now I have to come up with a new offer.”

Check out the audio of his interview with Rome below to catch Chael P. Sonnen at his best.