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King Mo: Rampage’s Skills Are A Myth Like Bigfoot

Muhammed “King Mo” Lawal and Quinton “Rampage” Jackson have a beef dating back years, to when Lawal was still a college wrestler and Rampage was a well established mixed martial artist. A simple snub back then grew over the years into a full-blown rivalry and King Mo is ready to see that come to a head.

In a recent video segment filmed for Full Contact Fighter, Lawal thoroughly detailed his feud with Jackson, skipping nary a detail. After the history lesson, he issued a challenge to the Pride FC star and former UFC light heavyweight champ, telling him that it’s about time they settle things in the appropriate venue: the cage.

“I’ll stand and box with you. If I wanna take you down, I will, because you can’t stop my takedowns. All that other myth about Rampage Jackson knocking people out – I haven’t seen it awhile. I haven’t seen no knockouts. You slammin’ people? When was the last time you slammed somebody? I think that’s all myth. That’s a myth like Bigfoot is. People seen video of it in the past, it was kind of black and white and grainy, you can’t identify it and it turns out that it’s false,” Lawal asserted. “You was slammin’ people back in Pride and knockin’ fools out back in Pride, but come to find out that was false ’cause it don’t happen anymore. If you want proven theory, and show you can really knock somebody out or slam somebody, come slam me or come knock me out, let’s see what happens. You’ll get your ass whooped. For Real.”

With the demise of Strikeforce seemingly impending, Lawal seems destined for the UFC’s light heavyweight ranks, making a fight between he and Rampage more feasible than ever.

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