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Frankie Edgar Again Called On To Motivate New York Jets

UFC lightweight champion Frankie “The Answer” Edgar has become known for rising up against the odds and securing victory when defeat seems certain.

His recent three-fight series with Gray Maynard is evidence enough of that. In their first bout, back in 2008, Maynard ran through Edgar with his strength advantage and powerhouse wrestling. It would be Edgar who would go on to win the lightweight title though, by defeating BJ Penn twice consecutively. Maynard would be the first person aside from Penn to be awarded a shot at Edgar’s title. When their rematch came around, last New Year’s Day at UFC 125, Maynard was ready to capture the belt. The Bully came out hard and put the undersized champion in dire straits early on with his heavy-handed assault. Despite being completely thrashed in the first round, barely doing enough to just survive, Edgar rallied to bring the fight back to Edgar. In the end, the bout was scored a draw and the rubber match was scheduled.

In further testament to Edgar’s incredible will and over-sized heart (figuratively speaking, of course), he overcame a similar first round in their third meeting – getting pasted from one Octagon post to the other – to come back and this time finish the fight. Edgar regained his bearings and took the momentum back from The Bully, eventually beating him down in the fourth round for a TKO stoppage.

Edgar’s indomitable spirit is the kind of thing which anyone can find inspiration from and that’s why the New York Jets have recruited him for the second time to rile up their struggling football team. reports that Edgar has been asked back to the Jets’ locker room (he was first invited to inspire the team last November) tonight to amp them up for their impending game against the Miami Dolphins. Last time Edgar appeared before the team, they went on to score a last-second touchdown to win the game. Maybe his appearance in front of the team this time will be enough to shake them from their 2-3 slump.