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Maxim Grishin Allegedly Applied Bengay Before Title Fight

Unfortunately for Maxim Grishin, who earlier this weekend challenged for the M-1 Global interim heavyweight championship, there were no major pay-per-views or fight offerings this weekend. Were all eyes on a big UFC event or one of what appear to be Strikeforce’s last shows, the report that his corner applied Bengay to his legs pre-fight would have gone largely unnoticed.

Grishin faced Kenny Garner for the interim belt at M-1 Challenge 27 and, according to a conversation that Garner’s trainer, Paulie “Gloves” Gavoni, had with SBNation, the 27-year-old Russian was looking to gain any possible advantage that he could prior to the fight.

“One of our guys walked by and smelled the aroma of Bengay in the back,” Gavoni said. “So we had the commissioner check and they had to wipe the Bengay off (Grishin) before he walked in there.

“They were rubbing it on his legs,” he added. “As soon as they noticed I was there, he took off back into the dressing room.”

If you’ve never used Bengay, the reason that it’s outlawed, along with Icy Hot and similar compounds, in MMA matches is because when it gets into your eyes, simply put, it burns like hell. Getting tagged as a dirty fighter won’t mean the end of Grishin’s career, as there are plenty of fighters who carry that reputation and compete on the sport’s biggest stages, but it certainly doesn’t earn him the respect of his peers or the fans.

M-1 Challenge 27 went down last Friday night from the Grand Canyon University Arena in Phoenix, Arizona.