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UFC Doesn’t Have A Problem With Bellator

When it comes to being No. 1 in MMA, the UFC prides itself on holding on to that top spot. They have taken the best shots that promotions like Strikeforce, Affliction and PRIDE have given them, and just continued to build a bigger and better empire.

UFC President Dana White has taken plenty of shots for the way he has overpowered some of those companies, but one that he has no concern with is Bellator Fighting Championships. As long as they don’t try to start a war with him.

“You never heard me say anything bad about them. I have no beef with them whatsoever. They’re doing their thing and we’re doing our thing,” said White, in an interview with “I’ve went after the promotions that come after me. When you come out and you talk a bunch of (expletive), talk about our company and how we’re doing business, and how you’re gonna take us down and you’re gonna beat us; now you’ve picked a fight. And now we’re gonna fight until somebody wins and somebody loses.”

In the last few years, the UFC has folded the WEC and started promoting the bantamweight and featherweight divisions, and they’ve secured Strikeforce under the Zuffa banner. Bellator, however, is fine to continue building its own brand.

“The people from Bellator have never said anything about us,” White said. “I have nothing to say about them either. They’re out there. They’re doing their thing. Good for them.”