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“UFC 140: Jones Vs. Machida” Pre-Fight Presser Notes And Quotes

UFC 140: Jones vs. Machida is scheduled to take place at the Air Canada Center in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The fight card will feature a main event between UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones and former champion Lyoto Machida and will mark the UFC’s second show in Toronto since MMA was legalized there.

Today, the UFC held a press conference in promotion of the event with Jones, Machida and UFC president Dana White.

Notes and Quotes

-Dana White on bringing the UFC back to Toronto so soon, “I’d do a fight here every weekend if I could.”

-Jones says that Evans and Rampage’s trash talk never bothered him, but that he would prefer every fight he has to be more respectful in general.

-Jones believes his youth and versatility will be his biggest advantage, along with the way that he approaches the sport in general. Machida believes that his experience “may speak louder” in this fight.

-White says that Machida deserves the shot by virtue of being around for a long time, having stayed undefeated for years and for the difficult style match-up he presents to the champion.

-Jones believes that he “cannot lose” his eventual fight to Evans after all this trash talk. Tries to tell himself that the fight is not a big deal, but knows that it is.

-Machida will be well prepared, believes he can overcome Jones’ athleticism with his technique.

-“There’s a lot of people out there who talk smack about Jon, but you have to respect what he’s done at such a young age.” – White

-Machida is excited to perform again in front of the Canadian fans and Jones is happy to fight for the first time for the rabid Canadian fan base.

-Jones feels that he’s hitting his stride as champion, feels comfortable with the added pressure and accolades.

-Jones won’t be training with GSP for this fight since he’s on the docket to face Carlos Condit, another Greg Jackson fighter for whom he has a ton of respect. Doesn’t want to alienate either guy.

-Machida says that Anderson Silva has already called him and will be traveling to his home to help him prepare for Jones.

-White isn’t sure if Tito Ortiz is in a “do or die” situation or not. “I was impressed with his last fight. We’ll see what happens.”

-“This kid could be the next big superstar. You never know. I don’t like to put that kind of pressure on guys.” – White on Rory MacDonald

-White says Frank Mir grabbed him at the fights over the weekend to tell him that he wants to fight more frequently.

-“These guys are in a real rough spot. These guys better come in and perform and win.” – White on Ortiz and Little Nog.

-White says that Jones and Anderson Silva both have some opponents to get past before they get to fight each other.