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With Win Over B.J. Penn, Nick Diaz Right Back In Line For UFC Title Shot

UFC President Dana White truly believes that Nick Diaz now understands what is expected of him in terms of media obligations. That’s why White would have no problem placing Diaz in a match for the UFC welterweight title if he defeats B.J. Penn at UFC 137.

“I don’t see that happening again. He knows, we’ve talked. Seriously, I would be shocked if he didn’t show up to another press conference and if he does, I don’t even know what to say,” said White, in an interview with (thanks to for transcribing). “I guess that would be the end of it. He doesn’t have to answer one question if he doesn’t want to. I just want him to sit there and then get up and do the (face off). I don’t want him to not be Nick Diaz. I just need him to show up to stuff like that.”

Diaz was removed from a fight with UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre after no-showing several press events. Diaz tried to explain that he didn’t realize he was skipping press conferences, and thought it was just promotional video shoots he was avoiding. White took him out of the bout and replaced him with Carlos Condit. A few days later, he announced that Diaz would meet Penn, who was Condit’s original foe for UFC 137.

UFC 137 takes place October 29 from Las Vegas, Nevada on pay-per-view. Diaz relinquished his Strikeforce welterweight crown when he signed with the UFC.