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Dana White Fine With “Rampage” Jackson Heading To Boxing When His UFC Contract Expires

UFC President Dana White is a huge fan of boxing, and is quite fine with Quinton “Rampage” Jackson taking up the sport when his current UFC contract runs out.

Jackson, who lost in his quest to claim the UFC light heavyweight title from Jon Jones in September, has two fights left on his deal, according to Fighters Only. After that, as far as White is concerned, he is free to do what he pleases.

The reason Jackson wants to trade in his MMA gloves for boxing ones is his belief that boxers will be more willing to stand and trade punches than his MMA counterparts have been. White, who has trained and worked with boxers in the past, doesn’t quite agree.

“That’s interesting. He will find out when he starts boxing that (evasion is) pretty much the game these days,” White said. “The game is pretty much, ‘Let’s step in there and do all we can to avoid a fight and then move on to the next payday!’ Look, guys are always chirping about something…the grass is always greener until it’s not there any more and you realize you have made a lot of mistakes and you should have done things different. ‘Rampage’ thought that the movie business was the answer to all his dreams. That didn’t work out too good.”

White also got in a jab at one of his biggest rivals in the boxing world, Bob Arum, while discussing the Jackson-boxing situation. Arum and White have never seen eye to eye.

“These guys thing that…you hear Bob out there? ‘These guys (the UFC) don’t pay their guys anything’ – trust me, ‘Rampage’ got (expletive) paid for his last fight. A lot of money,” White said. “You got a handful (of boxers) that make that kind of money and a ton of guys that make nothing. Bob Arum has guys on his card get paid $600. We have been around for 10 years and never paid a guy $600.”