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Chael Sonnen Details Animosity Toward Anderson Silva

You don’t have to listen to Chael Sonnen for long to understand that he holds UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva in disdain; he can only answer one or two questions at any given time before bringing the champ up, and nine and a half times out of ten (that may be a generous estimate) he’s doing his best to paint The Spider in a negative light.

However, despite recently asserting that he would walk into Silva’s house, harass his wife and have her make him a steak, he recently told Dan Mathews of CBS Houston that it’s really nothing too personal.

“You know sometimes as athletes we get so close to the trees we can’t see the forest,” said Sonnen. “You get so wrapped up in it you forget, no, wait a second, this is a sport. We’re gonna compete and we’re gonna shake hands.

“I do not like Anderson Silva, but I do not wish anything bad in life for him. I want to beat him, I want to do everything I can to him in the ring but I hope he has a great life. I don’t have something against him on a level like that.”

Sonnen will most likely get the next shot Silva, having run through Brian Stann last weekend at UFC 136 and, though he says he wishes the champion no ill in life, get ready to hear him verbally blast The Spider at every turn until they finally get their rematch underway.