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After Title Fight Loss, Gray Maynard Co-Signs Frankie Edgar’s Pound-For-Pound Status

Following UFC lightweight champion Frankie Edgar’s gutsy title defense last night at UFC 136, UFC president Dana White deemed him the number two pound-for-pound fighter in the world, second only to UFC middleweight champ Anderson Silva.

For sure this declaration will spark debate, but the man that Edgar rallied to defeat, Gray Maynard, isn’t arguing with it.

“Yeah, I mean obviously, he’s done a great job man,” Maynard said when asked if he agreed with White. “He’s a tough kid to beat. He’s almost – he’s a tough kid to beat. I think him, Anderson, Jon Jones, and GSP, they’re all up there.”

For the second time, The Bully had Edgar almost out of there in the first round,but Edgar somehow gutted it out to make it to round two, where he started to recover his rhythm and take the fight right back to the challenger. Maynard was asked if he regretted not stepping on the gas more in the second round; he explained that it was a combination of Edgar’s movement and his own caution against gassing himself out like in their last fight, but that he obviously wishes he would have put Edgar away before he got put away himself.

“I mean, you gotta be smart,” he said. “He’s a tough kid, again. Man, he survived that first round. What the f**k? He plays the possum or something I don’t know. Again, he’s a tough kid. I was trying to pick a shot. He moves, he does a good job with that. I kinda tried to load up a little bit instead of flowin.’ Hindsight’s always twenty-twenty and I feel like I’m still trying to learn. I still have a lot to learn, a lot to grow on.

“But yeah, I should have finished it in the second.”