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UFC 136: Demian Maia Vs. Jorge Santiago

The following is from our live coverage of UFC 136: Edgar vs. Maynard III. To access our full coverage, click here.

Round 1: They touch gloves and Santiago takes the center. Maia closes the gap when Santiago overshoots a right hand, pressing The Sandman into the fence. Santiago fights him off though and lands a nice knee on the break. Santiago with a good inside leg kick, and another. These two are looking to slug it out, both staying in the pocket and swinging away. Maia grabs hold of Santiago and takes him down with ease. Maia tries very hard to pass, but Santiago uses butterfly guard to kick Maia off of him. Santiago presses Maia into the fence, but they stalemate and break. Santiago working his right straight and taking his time, while Maia looks to land with urgency. Maia lands a good right hook, then runs into a flying knee which he uses to take Santiago down. Maia is looking to pass again, but Santiago is doing well by keeping him in guard. Maia lands a good elbow as he backs out of, then dives in to Santiago’s guard. Santiago landing some nice up-kicks from his back. They end the round with Maia working top position on Santiago. scores the round 10-9 for Maia

Round 2: Santiago barely whiffs on a head kick. Santiago going after Maia with kicks at every level. Maia’s striking is a little reckless here and Santiago is looking to counter him. After some mostly ineffectual striking exchanges, Maia closes the distance and gets Santiago down again. Santiago does his best to keep Maia at bay with his active butterfly guard. Maia is holding top position, but every time he backs out of guard and looks to pass, Santiago threatens with up-kicks. Santiago is just defending on the mat though, not attacking – though he is keeping Maia from doing the same. scores the round 10-9 for Maia

Round 3: That last round could possibly have been scored a draw based on the lack of offensive effectiveness displayed by either man. Maia briefly gets it down, but Santiago pops right back up. Maia presses Santiago into the fence and tries to work a single, Santiago avoids. Santiago trying to hunt for the knockout, wading in and swinging big right hands. Maia again gets it down briefly, but Santiago gets right back up. Maia looks to take Santiago’s back standing and the two battle from that position. Maia briefly drags him down again, but Santiago immediately gets to his feet. Maia gets him down again and lands in half guard. Santiago lands a good up-kick that Maia answers with a right hand before diving back into guard. The crowd is booing loudly now, not appreciating the measured grappling display. Maia takes side control, then north-south. Maia briefly takes full mount but Santiago regains butterfly guard. Maia finishes the fight in top position to a chorus of boos. scores the round 10-9 for Maia

Demian Maia defeated Jorge Santiago via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)