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GSP Bringing In Paul Daley, Andre Winner To Train With Him

UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre must have been impressed with Dan Hardy during their training sessions, as he has added two more Rough House fighters to his camp in Paul Daley and Andre Winner.

St-Pierre is preparing to meet Carlos Condit on October 29 at UFC 137. For Daley, the decision to work with St-Pierre was a no-brainer as he prepares to fight Luigi Fioravanti on October 21.

“I go to Amsterdam next week to finish up my sparring. Then, me and Andre Winner will be linking up with the champion himself, Georges St-Pierre, who’s a good friend of Andre’s now, and I’ll be doing the last bit of prep at Tristar (gym in Montreal),” said Daley, on MMAJunkie Radio recently.

St-Pierre brought in Hardy a few weeks ago to help him, as “The Outlaw” has been inside the cage with Condit before. With Daley and Winner, GSP gets two more heavy-handed fighters that can mimic the style of Condit quite well.

Daley, who has been banned by the UFC since throwing a punch at Josh Koscheck after their match, is still hoping to get back inside the Octagon to face Nick Diaz. Daley lost to Diaz earlier this year.

“I’ve spoken to a lot of people. A rematch with Nick Diaz, with the UFC’s marketing power – with FOX and everything now – I think they can market the rematch with Nick Diaz if he falls against B.J. Penn really, really well. I just want to put the idea out there.”