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This Time, It’s Jon Jones Accusing Rashad Evans Of Ducking The Fight

When newly-crowned UFC light heavyweight champ Jonny “Bones” Jones cancelled his scheduled first defense against Rashad Evans because of a hand injury, only to accept a bout with Quinton “Rampage” Jackson shortly thereafter, explaining that his hand was healing quicker than expected, Evans accused him of ducking their fight.

Today, Evans was forced out of a second planned bout with Jones due to his own hand injury, even though he repeatedly stated that he would be healed up in time to face the champ. Now, it’s Jones’ turn to accuse Evans of ducking the fight, which he did today in an interview with’s Ariel Helwani.

“Well, Dana White basically needed someone to save 140. I didn’t necessarily want to fight at 140, but because it was Rashad, I said, ‘You know what? I would take the fight in nine weeks.’ I’m already in shape. I already know what I want to do,” said Jones. “Rashad, predicting that I would say no, he kind of kicked himself in the butt because I said yes, he turns around and says, ‘Oh, I didn’t expect Jon to say yes. I don’t want to fight him that soon.’ So in reality, he’s kind of the one who’s ducking the fight. I feel like he’s ducking the fight.

“He’s tried to call me out on nine weeks’ notice,” he went on. “Obviously, who wants to fight on nine weeks’ notice? I just got a new car, I want to drive that around. I want to hang out with my family and relax and sleep in my own bed for once. And now Rashad calls me out, predicting that I would say no, to make me look like I was ducking him again, and I say yes, and now he says, Oh, I didn’t know he would say yes. I don’t want to fight him. He called Dana White, asked for 140, Dana White called me and said Rashad wants this fight. I gave him the fight he wanted and then he pulled out.”

With their grudge match postponed for the second time, look for Jones and Evans to go tit-for-tat until they finally do get to meet in the cage. Jones will face Lyoto Machida on December 10 at UFC 140, which takes place from the Air Canada Center in Toronto, Ontario.