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King Mo Begins His Verbal Assault On “Rampage” Jackson

The fact that Muhammed “King Mo” Lawal wants to fight Quinton “Rampage” Jackson is quite obvious. Of course, the two are currently in different promotions, plus, Lawal has been very outspoken against UFC President Dana White. Still, neither of those roadblocks has kept Lawal from calling out the former UFC 205-pound champion.

“‘Rampage’ can talk all that noise, but I’m gonna take his spot,” said Lawal, in a recent interview with “I’m gonna put his (expletive (expletive) on the B-Team (making a reference to his appearance on the movie A-Team)…His punk ass wants to say I won’t stand up and box him. I will box him with the little gloves on. I’ll box him. He punches slow, he is heavy-footed, and the worst thing is after the fight, he sounds like (former boxing champ) William Joppy.”

For his part, Jackson did say he would like to fight Lawal. If Lawal were to sign with the UFC, they could do the fight next year in February in Japan, where both fighters made their name. Recently, “Rampage” said he would like to compete in boxing after his UFC contract expires, and Lawal had quite the take on that subject.

“Yeah, good success (in boxing) at being a punching bag,” the former Strikeforce 205-pound champion said. “He got head movement and slow feet (laughing). The thing is, ‘Rampage’ was athletic, but when he started saying that, ‘I’m not an athlete, I’m a fighter,’ that’s when he lost it all. When he started trying to be a fighter, he lost it. We all grew up fighting, so we know how to do that, but you gotta be an athlete, too.”

Lawal won his last Strikeforce bout, knocking out Roger Gracie. The Strikeforce light heavyweight title is currently vacant after Dan Henderson signed with the UFC. Jackson lost his last match to Jon Jones for the UFC 205-pound title at UFC 135 last month.