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Hand Injury Prevented Rashad Evans From Meeting Jon Jones At UFC 140

This time, it was a Rashad Evans injury that prevented an Evans-Jon Jones clash from happening, as “Suga” recently had pins removed from his hand and will not have enough time to prepare for a proposed UFC 140 main event.

Evans injured his hand during his victory over Tito Ortiz in August, and has been seen with a full cast on ever since. Sources speaking with said that the pins were removed on Wednesday, but the ex-light heavyweight champ is looking at three weeks of physical therapy before a return to his normal training schedule is allowed. That would leave Evans with just four weeks to prepare, and that includes not suffering any problems during therapy for the hand.

With as much talk that has gone on between Evans and Jones, the current 205-pound UFC champ, “Suga” was really trying to talk his way into the fight happening in December, according to reports. Doctors, however, stepped in and advised him to wait until he is 100% before testing “Bones.”

Several MMA sites, including yours truly, reported on the Evans-Jones fight as the main event for UFC 140, however UFC President Dana White stated during the UFC 136 pre-fight press conference that the fight would not take place on that show.