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“The Ultimate Fighter 14″ Episode Three Recap

Welcome to FightLine’s weekly recap of The Ultimate Fighter 14. We’ll be back each week with a breakdown of the episode and a play-by-play of the fights.

Episode 3

Team Miller opens up practice with a pool noodle battle; the guys enjoy a bit of levity before the hard work starts in. Bisping and his coaches remove the tires from Mayhem’s car and brings them into Team Miller’s locker room; Miller laughs it off and puts his tires back on. Team Bisping’s training session is up next; on the books for today is sparring, with an emphasis on technique over going full-bore. Sure enough, before too long, the guys start letting loose, getting too heated and Coach Bisping has to get on them to teach them the virtues of discipline. Akira Corassani and Diego Brandao come across as hotheads in training.

Cut to the house, where a scantily clad Akira is doing his best to entertain everyone; he ends up taking a cue ball to the scrotum for that purpose… It’s revealed that Dustin Neace has three testicles too, so write that down.

And now the first bantamweight match-up is announced. Johnny Bedford is up for Team Miller and Josh Ferguson is on deck for Team Bisping. Ferguson saw it coming and pulls out a sign which reads “F**k you Bedford,” angering Bedford. The two engage in some banter during the staredown and things get heated. Miller tells the team to combat Team Bisping’s disrespect by beating when it comes to fight time.

Miller spars with Bedford to help hm get ready for Ferguson; it turns out that Ferguson hurt his hand during his fight to get into the house, but he assures that it won’t get in the way of a win over his new rival.

More pranks by Corassani; this time it’s a bucket of water over the front door. Ferguson goes with coach Bisping to prepare for the fight.

Drama over the pranks now! After the water pitcher falls to the floor when the guys come in, Dustin Neace gets fed up and decides to get back at Corassani (Corassani put the 3 ball in his glove along with a note clowning him for the whole three testicles thing earlier) by dumping rice or something all over his bed. Corassani confronts him, citing some vague pranking boundaries, and they decide to get upset with each other, so now they’re rivals.

Turns out that the newly-formed Team Leprechaun (consisting of Josh Ferguson, Louis Gaudinot, John Dodson) transcends Team Miller’s boundaries for Dodson, who has been running info back and forth to Team Bisping – which is how Ferguson knew of the Bedford match-up. Bisping is happy to have a mole. Dun-dun-dun!

The weigh-in: Bedford hits the scale at 135.5 and Ferguson hits the mark at 135.

Bisping notices Bedford’s injured hand, he and Miller go back and forth a bit over it.

Johnny Bedford vs. Josh Ferguson

Round 1: They touch gloves and take to the center. Bedford slips a punch and lands one but gets tagged by some follow-up shots, taking the worst of the exchange. Bedford clinches up with Ferguson, who threatens with the guillotine. Bedford avoids though and takes Ferguson down, landing some solid ground and pound before letting Ferguson up. On their feet, Ferguson lands a hard left hand. Bedford pumps the double-jab. Bedford working his range, avoiding kicks and landing nice, straight punches. Bedford presses Ferguson into the fence and lands some solid elbows standing. Bedford gets in a few good knees before Ferguson circles out. They exchange and Bedford grabs the Thai clinch, landing a short sequence of knees before dumping Ferguson to the mat; he takes side control in short order. Bedford passes a leg over the head, working north-south. Bedford drops for the armbar, but Ferguson avoids and briefly takes top position. Bedford quickly gets to his feet and Ferguson holds him in a headlock against the fence. They break with thirty seconds left, both slowing down. Bedford hits another takedown and takes Ferguson’s back before the round closes.

Round 2: Bedford working his jab and looking to avoid the shots that Ferguson is loading up on. They trade from the pocket and both land hooks. Bedford sticks a good leg kick. Bedford lands two hard hooks. Bedford moves in for the clinch, landing a single knee before eventually getting the takedown. Ferguson tries to work a high guard, but Miller coaches Bedford through and he ends up grinding Ferguson into the cage. Bedford passes to half guard after avoiding a choke attempt. Bedford postures to land some shots and Ferguson gets to his feet. He doesn’t stay there long, as Bedford takes him for a ride when he tries a flying knee and lands in side control. Bedford working short elbows after isolating the right arm. Ferguson regains half guard with under a minute to go. Bedford gets his knee on the belly, postures up and lands elbows and punches to finish the round.

Johnny Bedford defeated Josh Ferguson via unanimous decision

Bedford is happy with the win, but he’s disappointed that he didn’t get the finish. Ferguson vows to keep on trucking. Miller tells Bisping to keep talking, while his team keeps winning fights. Tells Team Bisping that their coach is failing them. Bisping says he’s only won two fights and that the show isn’t over yet.

That’s it for this week y’all. Tune in next Wednesday.