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Brenneman’s Camp Has No Problem With Rumble Stoppage

Though Charlie Brenneman was still conscious when he hit the floor after eating a high kick delivered by Anthony “Rumble” Johnson, he may not have been for much longer. Referee Mario Yamasaki jumped in to stop the bout as Brenneman was on his way down and The Spaniard protested that call immediately after it was made, though his trainer and manager Mike Constantino today told that he and his charge no longer have an issue with the stoppage.

“Honestly, none of us have a problem with (the stoppage),” said Constantino.

Constantino admitted that, after being thoroughly bullied by Johnson for the few moments that the fight lasted and clearly getting rocked from Rumble’s assault, Brenneman wasn’t likely to turn the momentum of the fight. He agreed with UFC pres Dana White that he prefers to see fights stopped too soon as opposed to too late.

“It wasn’t going to get better from that point,” he said. “[Brenneman] got hit with a bad shot. He was evidently rocked getting up before Johnson hit him, and once Johnson hit him – the ref’s job is to protect the fighter at all costs, and as Dana White said, I’d rather it be an early stoppage than a late stoppage. I would have hated for him to get hurt and Johnson jump on top of him because whether he was out or not, it just didn’t look like he was going to get better any time fast. He could have gotten a lot worse, though. So I don’t have a problem with it.”

Brenneman and Rumble tangled last Saturday, October 1, at UFC Live: Cruz vs. Johnson, which took place at the Verizon Center in Washington D.C.