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Despite Promising To Do Otherwise, Jon Jones Talks Rashad Evans

Looks like Jon Jones’ has already reneged on his promise not to talk about Rashad Evans prior to their UFC light heavyweight title fight.

The former-training-partners-turned-rivals developed a heated feud over the past few months, starting when Jon Jones asserted his willingness to fight Evans if it were for a title. That sparked a rivalry which would see Rashad Evans leave longtime trainer Greg Jackson and continues to run hot to this day. Following his first successful title defense over Quinton “Rampage” Jackson, Jones was met in the cage by Rashad Evans – something which clearly offended the 24-year-old. There in the cage, Jones promised not to indulge Evans in a war of words before their fight.

“He’s going to be doing a lot of talking,” said Jones. “I’m not going to say anything, I promise you guys. Leading up to this fight I’m not going to say much. I’m just going to prove it.”

Now, less than a month later and with their bout still unscheduled, Jones has already opened up to about facing his former Greg Jackson teammate.

“He’s flapping his gums, talking to himself, to try and convince himself that he’s ready and he has this and he has that over me,” said Jones. “Rashad is saying he has my number, he knows what he can do, and he knows all this stuff. I know all this stuff as well (about him). I do really good on improv. I’m excited to see what I can do with somebody I’ve went with several times before. When I spar my team, there’s a level of respect that’s always there. To let that clutch off for the first time and go into turbo mode on him, it’s gonna be interesting. I know where he’s open and I know where he’s gonna try and take the fight.”

Whether or not Evans ever actually “got” Jones in practice, he certainly appears to have gotten under the champion’s skin already. Currently, both Evans and Jones are resting up and recovering from their respective last bouts, with a meeting between them likely to occur in the second quarter of 2012; the bout promises to be one of the most hyped and highly-anticipated of next year.