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UFC Live 6: Dominick Cruz Vs. Demetrious Johnson

The following is from our live coverage of UFC Live: Cruz vs. Johnson. To access our full coverage, click here.

Kevin Mulhall will be the third man in the cage for tonight’s main event, a bantamweight title fight between champion Dominick Cruz and challenger Demetrious Johnson.

Round 1: No glove touch to start the first, they get right at it. It’s as frantic as expected, with Johnson taking the fight to Cruz and Cruz moving well and countering. Johnson dives for the takedown and it’s stuffed. Cruz trips Johnson down, he gets up and Cruz knocks him back down with a knee. Cruz working top position with Johnson against the fence. Cruz passes to side control; Johnson scrambling well, but Cruz makes it very hard for him to get to his feet. He breaks free eventually though and turns the pressure on standing; Cruz catches a head kick and takes Johnson down again, quickly passing to side control. Johnson gets to his feet and lands some nice punches before pressing Cruz into the fence and looking for the takedown himself. Cruz ducks under but can’t get Johnson down, and Johnson tags him on the break, as he has been all round. scores the round 10-9 for Cruz

Round 2: Johnson lands a slick combination punctuated by a head kick; Cruz takes him down promptly and presses him into the fence. Johnson gets to his feet and then presses Cruz into the fence, threatening with the takedown. Cruz, for the first time in a long time, looks a bit slower than his opponent. Johnson is landing frequently on the feet and clearly throwing the champ off. He turns Johnson into the fence and lands a nice knee. Johnson threatens with the takedown, but Cruz defends well. They break and take to the center again. Johnson is outpacing Cruz and is making it hard for the champ to work his outside game. Cruz with a nice uppercut. Cruz lands a nice knee and defends the subsequent takedown attempt. Cruz gets a takedown with thirty seconds to go, holding him against the fence until the bell. scores the round 10-10

Round 3: Johnson with a nice leg kick and Cruz returns with one of his own. They go back and forth on the feet some before Cruz tries for the takedown – he is thrown off; he stays after Johnson and lands a suplex before taking the back with one hook in. Cruz threatens with the rear naked choke and Johnson survives, again Cruz threatens with the choke but Johnson defends and is immediately back to his feet, pressing Cruz into the fence. Cruz lands a good knee to the body and hits another takedown. He holds Johnson down against the fence for most of the rest of the round, Johnson gets to his feet with fifteen seconds to go and presses Cruz into the fence for the remainder. scores the round 10-9 for Cruz

Round 4: Johnons lands a pair of leg kicks and looks to be the fresher of the two fighters. Cruz is having a hard time getting off while standing, but he lands a good leg kick and a right hand. Cruz slips a volley of punches and moves in for the takedown again, getting it in short order. Cruz is in half guard, pressing Johnson into the fence. Cruz takes full mount with two minutes to go. Johnson is breaking Cruz’s posture and trying to buck out; he manages to regain guard and eventually gets to his feet. Cruz takes a deep breath when they reset standing; both men land some nice shots before clinching again. Cruz lands a good knee and then drags Johnson back down against the fence, this time managing to land some ground and pound. Johnson kicks him off and chases Cruz across the cage landing a punch and kick before Cruz grabs hold of him. scores the round 10-9 for Cruz

Round 5: They touch gloves for the last round and they get right back to it. Johnson really starting to push the pace, miming Cruz’s footwork. Cruz grabs him and lands a full suplex again, landing in side control. Johnson regains guard and the referee warns them to get to work. Johnson scoots to the fence, but Cruz continues to control the position, holding him down. Johnson fights to his feet, but Cruz stays on him. Johnson lands some nice shots on the break. Johnson is pushing forward, Cruz throws the trip, but Johnson defends it well. Johnson going on the attack again. Cruz slips a volley, ducks under and hits the double leg, quickly taking full mount against the fence. Cruz is looking for the neck again with thirty seconds to go. Johnson bucks him and tries to press the action, but Cruz lands a hard knee to the body that backs him off. The champ hits a takedown right before the bell. scores the round 10-9 for Cruz

Johnson is sporting a very swollen left cheek.

Dominick Cruz defeated Demetrious Johnson via unanimous decision (50-45, 49-46, 50-45)

Cruz says it was a hard fight; Johnson keeps a “sick pace” so he knew that he had to use his strength and size to out-wrestle him. Says he heard Johnson gurgling when he had the choke on at one point, but that Mighty Mouse just toughed it out. Tells the rest of the division to bring it on, he’s here to make history.

Johnson takes his hat off to Cruz, says he’s way stronger than he thought he would be. Thinks that his cheek got damaged when Cruz landed a knee against the fence. He says he needed to be better about fighting to his feet and plans to go back to the drawing board to come back stronger.