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UFC Live 6: Mike Easton Vs. Byron Bloodworth

The following is from our live coverage of UFC Live: Cruz vs. Johnson. To access our full coverage, click here.

Massive crowd support for the local fighter, Mike Easton.

Round 1: Easton comes out showing some fancy footwork á la Dominick Cruz. So far, a lot of movement from Easton but not much offense. Bloodworth keeping tight and patient, trying to figure Easton’s rhythm. Bloodworth finding a home for his inside leg kick. Bloodworth drops for the takedown and Easton defends, but gets pressed into the fence. Easton turns Bloodworth. Easton working some nice knees from this position. The ref breaks them and resets them in the center. Easton barely misses a spinning back kick. Bloodworth misses on a series of elbows. Easton slips a punch and gets in a quick knee. Easton stuffs another takedown. Good leg kick by Easton. scores the round 10-9 for Easton

Round 2: Bloodworth lands some straight punches early. Easton with a good leg kick. Easton is showing a lot more aggressiveness in this round, walking Bloodworth down and landing some nice leg kicks. Easton’s fancy footwork has gone out the window; he’s planting his feet and digging in to his shots now. He stuffs a takedown and lands a nice uppercut. Easton lands hard with a left hook-right leg kick combo that looks to have damaged Bloodworth’s leg. Bloodworth backpedaling while Easton walks him down. Waston lands low and Bloodworth takes a moment. They get back to it and Easton goes back to plodding after Bloodworth, walking through his counters. They clinch and Bloodworth turns Easton into the fence. Easton strings together some nasty knees, landing two square to the body that send Bloodworth to the mat. Easton only needs to land a few punches to a downed Bloodworth to force an end to things.

Mike Easton defeated Byron Bloodworth via TKO (strikes) at 4:52 of round 2