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UFC Live 6: TJ Grant Vs. Shane Roller

The following is from our live coverage of UFC Live: Cruz vs. Johnson. To access our full coverage, click here.

Grant moseys out to White Snake’s “Here I Go Again,” classy stuff. Referee for this bout? Fernando Yamasaki, possibly related to Mario…

Round 1: Grant comes out low, taking the center of the cage. He’s doing well cutting off Roller’s footwork and keeping his back against the fence. Roller lands a nice uppercut and Grant immediately takes him down. Roller reverses, but Grant scrambles and sweeps Roller, landing in side control on Roller. Roller sweeps Grant and goes for the guillotine. Grant defends superbly and eventually gets to his feet, standing over Roller. Grant back in Roller’s full guard. Grant working ground and pound where he can, landing well with punches to the body and the occasional elbow to the head. Grant back in side control; Roller turns to his belly, but Grant has his right arm pinned between his legs. Grant works punches from that position until the bell. scores the round 10-9 for Grant

It’s confirmed: Fernando is Mario Yamasaki’s brother.

Round 2: Grant mixing in some kicks now, working his reach advantage. Grant is controlling the stand-up now; he lands some nice knees as Roller shoots for the takedown. Roller fights him down against the cage, but Grant gets to his feet quickly. They work from the clinch against the fence, with Grant landing a good knee. Roller cracks Grant with an uppercut and they start to throw down. Grant grabs hold of Roller and takes him down; he avoids the subsequent guillotine and spins into side control. Roller is scrambling from the bottom, but Grant is keeping top control. He pins Roller’s left arm and tries to roll him to his back, but he loses the position and ends up working guard with Roller in top position. The two scramble again, keeping up the night’s theme of technical grappling and Grant ends up rolling for the armbar at the bell. scores the round 10-9 for Grant

Round 3: They touch gloves for the final round and Roller lunges in with a left hook that glances off the top of Grant’s head. Roller’s right eye is swelling noticeably and he’s trying to protect it. Grant lands a thudding right hand that cuts Roller’s nose. Roller drives for the takedown and Grant defends initially, though Roller continues to drive through and presses him into the fence. Grant drops for a guillotine but Roller defends; Grant transitions to an armbar and Yamasaki stops it, even though Roller didn’t tap.

Roller is pissed.

TJ Grant defeated Shane Roller via verbal submission (armbar) at 2:12 of round 3

Grant says he heard Roller cry out in pain; Roller says that, while he may have made some noise, he certainly didn’t verbally tap out.