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Sean McCorkle Comes To Defense Of Dave Herman

Sean McCorkle took to The Underground forum to defend his friend, Dave Herman, who was pulled from a fight with Mike Russow at UFC 136 due to positive tests administered by the Texas licensing commission.

After it was originally reported that Herman tested positive for both marijuana and a performance enhancing drug, the result was changed to just positive for marijuana.

“I have been friends with Dave Herman for seven years and have trained with him and hung out with (him) hundreds of times during that time span. At no point have I hever seen him smoke marijuana or even talk about it. Dave’s drug of choice is beer,” McCorkle wrote. “And I don’t believe for a second that he takes or has taken steroids. Dave is a genetic freak who can eat fast food five (times) a day, drink a case of beer every night, and still look the way he does physically. If you look at his body throughout his career, he has actually gotten smaller and leaner over the years.”

Herman has conducted several interviews since his bout was cancelled, denying all allegations against him. He has noted that some of his friends do smoke marijuana, which may explain the positive test.

No replacement for Herman has been announced, and the spot on the card for his bout with Russow has been replaced by a rematch between Leonard Garcia and Nam Phan.