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Update: Dave Herman Fails Test For Marijuana, Not PEDs

Dave “Peewee” Herman was yanked from his planned UFC 136 bout against Mike Russow next weekend after failing his pre-fight drug test, but early reports as to why have been greatly exaggerated.

Herman failed his test after testing positive for marijuana, though somewhere along the line it was reported that he also registered positive for performance enhancing drugs, a false report; Herman only tested positive for marijuana.

The 26-year-old heavyweight spoke with’s Ben Fowlkes today about failing the test, explaining that he’s surprised by the test results since he claims that he doesn’t actually smoke weed.

“I do not smoke marijuana,” Herman said. “I can’t say I’m not around it. I live in California. Pretty much everyone out here smokes weed. Maybe I need to pick my friends a little better. I don’t know.”

Herman, who discussed with Fowlkes being baffled by the overblown reports, is readying himself to be suspended, but doesn’t think it will last too long and is hoping to get back into the Octagon as soon as it runs out.

“I don’t think there’s anything I can really do,” he said. “Obviously, this fight’s already gone. Even if I go in today and pass everything, this fight’s already done. Pretty much I guess I just wait. They said I’ll probably have a short suspension. From researching other guys who have tested positive, the max suspension they’ve ever seen is 30 days. So I guess I wait 30 days and pass a drug test and try to get another fight lined up.”