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Dana White Denies Kurt Angle Vs. Kimbo Slice Rumors

Despite the fact that UFC president Dana White has already called him out once for lying about it, professional wrestler and former Olympian Kurt Angle continues to tell the story of how he almost signed with the UFC.

Back in August, during an appearance on MMAWeekly Radio, Angle first spoke about his courtship with the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

“I contacted Dana White again, I was thinking about dropping out of Impact Wrestling, and there were some personal problems with my marriage and I just wanted to get away and I contacted UFC’s Dana White, I flew out, and he had me take the UFC physical,” said Angle. “I passed it thank God, and he gave me the offer.”

Angle explained that he ended up not signing with the UFC because they wanted him to make his debut in too short an amount of time. Shortly thereafter, White gave his brief take on the situation through Twitter: “love kurt but not true.”

This week, Angle elaborated on the story, explaining that the UFC were rushing him because they wanted to put together a fight with internet star Kimbo Slice.

“The reason Dana White wanted me so quickly though, is because he wanted to put me in the next available PPV against Kimbo Slice,” Angle told The Void.

Again, White went to his Twitter in response, telling “not true.”

Wonder how long this will keep up…