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Dana White: Anderson Silva’s Never Ducked A Fight

When it was announced that Anderson Silva would be forced out of competition for a couple of months due to an injured shoulder, thereby putting the kibosh on a rematch with the returning Dan Henderson (and opening the door for Hendo to face Shogun this November), some alleged that The Spider was doing what he could to avoid tangling with Hendo for a second time.

Though Silva won the first bout via second-round submission, even Henderson himself has suggested that the Brazilian dynamo was looking for a way out of that fight – something he hinted at during today’s UFC 139: Shogun vs. Henderson pre-fight press conference.

“I think he said he’s hurt, I have no idea,” Henderson said when asked why he and Silva aren’t fighting. “Everybody can speculate and I’d be one of those same people. That’s the fight we originally talked about, but evidently he hurt himself.”

UFC president Dana White quickly came to the champ’s defense when it was suggested he was ducking Hendo, explaining the nature and legitimacy of his injury as well as making it clear that, while working for the UFC, The Spider has never tried to find a way out of a fight.

“Yeah, he was hurt in (the Okami) fight,” said White. “He hurt his shoulder; he’s got bursitis or something and the doctor had him lay off for eight weeks.

“Hey, listen, Anderson Silva’s fought everybody, you know what I mean? It’s not like he’s ducking fights,” added the UFC boss. “He’s never ducked a fight. When he’s ready and if this thing goes right and if Dan wants to cut that weight, then we can talk about Anderson Silva.”