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Boxing Analyst Larry Merchant Takes Jab At MMA

UFC President Dana White was very outspoken in regards to how boxing analyst Larry Merchant acted inside the ring following the Floyd Mayweather-Victor Ortiz bout on September 17.

White called the way Merchant acted on the HBO pay-per-view “embarrassing” after the 80-year-old called out Mayweather for his actions, even saying he would fight him if he was younger.

Merchant responded through an interview with Boxing Scene recently, landing a few jabs at the UFC and White in the process.

“Anyone who can make a multi-million dollar business out of street fighting has to be respected,” Merchant said. “My opinion is that anyone is allowed to put up a tent, put on a shot, and invite people to come. And obviously he’s had a lot of success. Good for him, I don’t watch it. I don’t get a so-called sport in which you can have a 6-2 record and be called a world champion.”

The record comment would seem to be a shot at Brock Lesnar, who is currently 5-2 in his MMA career but held the UFC heavyweight title.

Merchant, who has been part of the HBO broadcast team since 1978, went on to admit that he doesn’t really understand MMA, but that everyone is allowed to make an opinion, including those that disagree with him.

“I just don’t appreciate the finer points of MMA,” Merchant said. “It’s a free country. I’m a commentator, and if I’m commenting and observing on others than how can I not be open to others observing and commenting on me.”