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Rampage Predicts Jones Will Be The Next Anderson Silva

Quinton “Rampage” Jackson has taken some beatings in his career, but perhaps none were as masterfully composed and one-sided as his Saturday loss to UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones.

Though he looked better than he has in some time, showing great defense through and through, Jackson was completely out-classed by the 24-year-old en route to a fourth round submission finish. Following the defeat, Rampage spoke with about where he went wrong and what it was like facing off against “the next Anderson Silva.”

“My game plan was to get up in his face, smell his breath, be all up on him; I didn’t do nothing! I’m very disappointed in myself, trust me,” said Jackson. “I didn’t do nothing compared to what I was training for.”

One of the most frustrating things for Jackson is that he saw at least one flaw in the young dynamo’s game, but was unable to do anything about it.

“One thing about Jon Jones is that, he don’t really throw combos,” he said. “If he threw combos, he’d be real unstoppable. I was trying to capitalize on that, but for some reason, I didn’t.”

Like many others have forecast in the wake of yet another stellar performance by Jones, Jackson predicts that Bones will lord over the light heavyweight division much in the same fashion that all-time great Anderson Silva has kept a stranglehold on things at 185lbs.

“He’s good at keeping range, keeping you from him. When I was getting close and trying to throw some haymakers, he was good at evading me. The kid’s good, I’d be surprised to see who could beat him,” said Rampage. “I don’t think nobody can beat him right now; he’s going to be the next Anderson Silva in that weight class, I’m telling you. Because he’s got great wrestling, his ground game is pretty good, and his stand up is pretty good.”