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Kurt Angle Says He Was Offered A UFC Fight Against Kimbo Slice

Professional wrestler and former Olympian Kurt Angle has long been tied to rumors that he would compete in MMA, even if he might’ve started some of them himself.

Angle has mentioned in several interviews that he has been close to signing with the UFC on more than one occasion, but that contractual hang-ups and timetables have gotten in the way. In a recent conversation with The Void (via, Angle reiterated his story that he turned down a recent offer made by the UFC because it wouldn’t have allowed him enough time to prepare – but, in this conversation, Angle revealed whom the opponent was that the UFC wanted him to face.

“The reason Dana White wanted me so quickly though, is because he wanted to put me in the next available PPV against Kimbo Slice,” said Angle.

“I could have done it in four-and-a-half weeks, but I wanted to be at my best,” he went on. “I didn’t want to start training, almost be at my best, but not quite. No matter who it was, I knew I wanted to take them down and pound them, but I wanted to be 100% ready, I didn’t want to just train for four weeks. In fact, I couldn’t have trained for four weeks anyway. I would have trained for two weeks, and then tapered down for two weeks, to get ready. It didn’t even make sense. Two-and-a-half weeks of training? Who does that? Also, I hadn’t even trained in MMA for at least a year-and-a-half.”

When reached for comment by FightLine, UFC president Dana White responded via Twitter to this Angle rumor as he has all others, with a simple “not true.”